Jenni Rajala

Language professional


I am a freelance translator from Joensuu, Finland. I got my MA degree in English Language and Translation in 2018 and have worked actively in the translation field ever since. I started my own translation business JKR Käännökset (or JKR Translations in English) in the beginning of 2019. I have experience from various kinds of translations, including EU documents, contracts, websites, games and marketing material.


I have a curious mind and I am always eager to learn new things. At the moment, I am studying marketing on the side in open university. In my spare time, you may find me spending time outdoors, engrossed in a book, movie or TV series or playing card and board games with my friends.



I offer high-quality English to Finnish and Finnish to English translation services.



It can be helpful to get a second pair of eyes to check your text. I proofread and revise Finnish and English texts.

Authorized Translations


Some documents may need to be translated by an authorized translator. I am authorized to translate such texts from English to Finnish.

Language professional at your service


Reliable, flexible and high-quality translation and proofreading services

between English and Finnish.

JKR Translations

About me

Every service is priced individually on a word, page or hourly rate. The price depends on the text type, complexity and schedule, and the size of the project. Ask for a free no-obligation quote – let's find a solution for your language needs!